Electronic power supply protection EMA

Had it ever happened to you that the tracking system had discharged vehicles battery? Yes? We have something for you. Our power supply protection device, called a nice name  -EMA, protects the vehicles battery from discharging when the generator is not in use. Keep your vehicle always ready  for work!

  • Protects from negative and positive over-voltage and incorrect connection
  • Matches ISO 7637-2 standart
  • Operating voltage – 10,0V to 26,0V
  • Operating current – 0,001A to 2,0A


Fuel theft alarm SASA/09

Fuel theft alarm was developed to protect and warn drivers about stealing fuel by third party during the stop hours. It is connected directly to the fuel level sensor and when sensor feels rapid decrease of fuel level it turns on sound alarm to warn sleeping driver. Our product is compatible with the most analog fuel level sensors in the market so it makes the implementation easier.

Key benefits:

  • Developed in EU by Eljunga LTD
  • Reacts to the fuel theft and turns on the sound alarm
  • Possible to turn off alarm by clicking the button
  • GPS tracker sends SMS about the fuel theft

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