Fuel flow meters


Fuel flow meter ELC401/ELC801

Fuel control system and its products might seem difficult and unsafe to install and to use. Well, it’s a myth. All 19 years that we are in the market, we are proving that the knowledge we are putting in our products makes them reliable and safe to use. Fuel flow meter ELC401 is one of the oldest products in our portfolio, so we put so many years for developing and updating it to reach the „sky limit“. It is easy to mount a flow meter, as it doesn’t require any calibration. What’s more, one- chamber system provides a high accuracy of the measurements.

Key benefits:

  • Designed and assembled in EU by Eljunga LTD
  • We guarantee 99% and higher accuracy
  • Assembled with additional filter
  • Unnecessary calibration
  • Unused fuel doesn’t return back to tank


Fuel flow meter ELC441/ELC841

This one is our smallest fuel consumption device, which is made on the AquaMetro VZO4 base and improved in our manufacturing plant with additional sensor. ELC441 flowmeter can be used in a huge variety of vehicles- from big agriculture machines to light commercial cars, compatibility depends on a flow rates.

Key benefits:

  • Developed in EU by Eljunga LTD
  • We guarantee 99% and highger accuracy
  • Can be fitted in the smallest vehicles
  • Unnecessary calibration
  • Anodized aluminum body

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